About Sahara

Imagine yourself in the middle of the desert, and in the horizon: Oasis!
Sahara is a big, spacious, beautiful site, placed in the Arava of Israel
Each cabin designed with a thought of you the traveler.
In Sahara we will fulfill your dream
And your holiday will feel like a gleam
Yes, the beauty of the desert created by the nature
But for you and for her we added more glory
So come visit and don't be a stranger
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צימר סהרה, סהרה במדבר, צימרים בערבה, צימרים בעידן, צימרים בנגב, צימרים בדרום

From the news

Laisha magazine/ Tourism section
""When you hear the word 'Sahara you immediately think desert, but the guests site that named Sahara, and placed in Moshav Idan, Arava, is absolutely Oasis

Olam haisha magazine
"At the past most of the Zimmer were simple and sold mood only. But Sahara proves differently: all the cabins are big and beautifully designed with a display window toward the green yard"

P-Plus magazine
"Azulay family site in Moshav Idan is defiantly prepare for a big family, friends vacation. Especially because of the huge green yard, the Jacuzzi, the swimming pool, and the kitchen which is fully accessorized."



As a big family we search for a site big enough to contain all of us, so we found 'Sahara' at Moshav Idan, based in the Arava area. From the moment we arrived,
Bat-Sheva and Aaron welcomed us as we were old friends. The warmth, the friendliness and the willing to be there for us every second was unusual.
The cabins were clean and fully accessorized, and a bottle of wine was placed cold and ready for us. The garden is green, big and beautiful and contains a big clean swimming pool. Beside the kitchen in each cabin there is also a big one in the garden for the guest's convenience along with a dinner room.
We have traveled and visited lots of places, but this site was the best we have seen and experienced.
Bat-Sheva and Aaron, thank you for a perfect hospitality.

Niva & Michael Lev, Eilat


We arrived to 'Sahara' site for a weekend, and all of us, adults and kids came to the same conclusion; this is our favorite place in the Arava area. The site is beautiful, clean, tidy and fully accessorized; begin with toys for kids until coffee machine for adults. The swimming pool is big and clean. The outdoors is convenience and spacious. The rooms designed beautifully and the owners provided us all we needs and yet gave us space. They are wonderful!! We highly recommended on this site for family vacations.


For available rooms check our calendar
you can see how many rooms you can order each day, 3 months in advance


Weekends: 850 NIS for a couple – kids up to 2 years old 100 NIS each – P/N
Holidays: 950 NIS for a couple – kids up to 2 years old 100 NIS each – P/N
middle of the week: 750 NIS for a couple – kids up to 2 years old 100 NIS each – P/N

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